Regain the value of buildings with restoration work in Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas

With a comprehensive range of restoration work offered by Acorn Preservation, you can transform a wide range of buildings in Mid Wales and across South Shropshire. Whether you are looking to restore listed buildings or older buildings, including churches and chapels, contact our specialists in Montgomery today.

Restorations for a wide range of buildings

Conversions in Shrewsbury

– Listed buildings

– Vintage buildings

– Barn conversions

– Churches and chapels

– Stately homes

As well as our professional restorations, you can also benefit from a range of conversion and improvement services, including barn conversions and stone walling.


When you choose to have conversions carried out by Acorn Preservation you can benefit from a cost-effective way to add value and a new purpose for old buildings. Contact us for more information.